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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Week 42 - 2006

This week I'll start with an e-mail I got from my cousin Rande:

" Tor og Anna,
My favorite acoustic guitarist,
Tommy Emmanuel, is playing in Oslo on November 16th. I have attached the website of the venue in Oslo. Call Haakon and Ingelin to go with you, maybe Nikolas and Reuben, too! I guarantee you will have a good time. He always stays after the concert to sign (autograph) CD's and pictures. His personality and guitar playing will put a smile on your face:-) !
Hugs - Rande"

I heard
Tommy Emmanuel first time when Rande played him in the car when driving in the Bay Area. I couldn't believe it was only one person playing.


There's so much struggle and stupid wars going on around the world, I simply come to think about this one

Buffalo Soldier – Yes, it's Bob Marley


Last night I to my surprise discovered our old scrapbook from Chile and Argentina laying under our kitchen sofa/bed. Who had put it there?

However, I sat down reading it and then came music into my ears and heart.

El Corazon Del Pueblo (The Heart Of The People)

Cielo Andino


Weekend is approaching. TGT? Huu? Thanks God it's Thursday (derived from my name: Tor; i.e. Torsday. So I have my day every week. Then what:

Let’s dance from David Bowie


Waking up this morning, what did I do but listen to the

Rythm of the Rain by the Cascades


Could I be a warmer place? Yes, at least it feels like it when listning to:

Antonio Carlos Jobim


I'll finnish where I startet: In the SF Bay Area with a very fine jazzmusician and composer, born in Concord, CA, Dave Brubeck and his

Take Five

Have a good week

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