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Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Nevada Queva, Argentina, taken around December 10 - 2008. Altitude 6130 meters above Sea Level (about 19.000 feet). Still Snow on the Northern slopes - even less than 2 weeks before mid summer on the southern hemisphere. But at this hight, it should have been lot's of snow, unless in this very dry part of the Andes.

Friday, January 04, 2008

DELICIOUS - PH - Jan 5, 2008

First thoughts were of course food - thinking about all the delicacies we have had during the Season. And with all the photos we do have take of food, I started to search among tons of shots.
During my search, I came across this: My daughter trimming my Toe Nails. That was of course very delicious.

More PhotoHunters

After reading and watching all delicious food from all over the World on this weeks PH, I suddenly felt VERY HUNGRY.
Therefore, let me present a 1/2 portion of Beef, as served in Buenos Aires