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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My Musiclist October 11-2006.

This week both my daughter and mother celebrates birthdays. I have no chance to see my daugther, as she is working in Florida and I’m in Oslo, Norway. But I’ll se my mother and bring her some grapes from our summergarden. And a little more.

1) So what’s more obvious to choose as this weeks number one but the worlds most popular song in English:

”Happy Birthday to you”

Did you know the song was written by two schoolteacher sisters in Kentucky with the original Title: "Good Morning to All” as a classroom greeting?

2) Autumn leaves are falling to the ground around here. Let them fall down when listening to Cannonball Adderly, Miles Davis, Hank Jones, Sam Jones and Art Blakey playing:

Autumn Leaves

from the Album ”Something Else”. If you like jazz, this is a classic.

3) Our friend Hakon, a Norwegian now living in Southern France , this year as well, payed us a visit in our Summerhouse. When he once again has left Norway for milder Winters in Provence , I came to think about one of my favourite French artists: Jean Ferrat and his song:

Ma France (My France)

4) Have you ever seen the rain, Rod Stewart.
A Classic for all seasons. And I’ve seen rain on a Sunny Day lately.

5) A Year ago the Graduates from ”my” school in 1965 met to a gatheringparty. Wow, it’s allready a year ago. So my old school come in to my mind some days ago. I used to play music (records) for my fellow students during the breaks. And for many, too much jazz.
Here you can listen to a young Norwegian artist, which father is a world reputated saxophonist and her mother went to ”my” school.

6) I think there are some songs and melodies you can listen to time after time, without having too much of it. For me Cindy Loupers Time after Time” is such a track. Not to mention ”Girls wanna have fun”.

7) When Darkness Falls you can listen to the melody and song with the same name performed by the Irish/Norwegian ”Secret Garden” on their album ”Earthsongs”. Listen to this wonderful music and have a good nights sleep.

Have a wonderful week


Fleur De Lisa said...

Tor, what a wonderful mix of music you have here. Lovely new site!

TorAa said...

Lisa, thank you

TorAa said...

Lisa, thank you

Jonh Neo said...

Hi TorAa, I want to introduce you to

RennyBA said...

Great music taste Tor and even if late, send my regards to mother and sister!