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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Colour and Music

Wednesday last week was ”premiere” or ”First Night” for a new TV series about Colours at our National TV (non-commercial). Theme: Colours.

What I learned last week is as follows:

In the past you could simply go and buy your exact melange (blending) of different powder to create your choice of colour. But you had to have money for the right colour powder and mix it with some kind of oil7687 (these numbers was created by my cat Felicia – I’ll let them be). So What? Why do you think only the very rich ones could paint their estates (houses) White? Why White. (Magnesiumkarbonat is very expencive)

Today you do not think about it:

You just buy it in a box ready for painting or you bring the colourcode from last time.

Comments from Felicia:


Back to the point:

This evenings theme was: BLUE. (also Indigo and Cyan)

What ever clue of a colour can inspire more than: Blue?

Some examples:

Blue Jeans: Levis and Strauss (the German started in 1851)


Nimes -> Denimes

Alexander the Great: Lapis Lazula The Silk ”road”

Blue is the Royal Blood. (from where - just listen)

Bangladesh, a part of the Indian Sub-Continent.-øøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøø (my cat) have blue as a special symbol.

In the country where I happend to be born (right) we have a certain place plentyful of Cobolt. Cobolt – Blue. (Exibitions year around – 70 minutes from Oslo, Norway).

(you see)

Felicia ( my Cat) want me to bed. And she is so curious:tyr5yu777h –

In between you are free to take part of my ”Blue Musical World

Have a wonderful week.


(message from Felica)


J.S. Bach : Branderburg ( that was real pop at that time)

2) Count Basie: Blues

3) S& G : Bridge over Troubled Water

4) Beach Boys: Barbra Ann

5) Brazil, Gaetano e Gil: Baiao atemporal

6) Animals: Blue Feeling

7) Buena sera (good night)

Conclusion: I love and respect people available and willing to see ->->

The Best of everything.

Life is wonderful. What do you mean?

If you do not agree, send me a message.

If you agree you can have the privilege to send me your secret e-mail address to mine.

(I’ll give you mine if I trust you – ask if in doubt what I mean about that)


Expat Traveler said...

ah.. I love the cat pic... I haven't been into watching much tv lately.. I guess I have so much on my mind... Adn the music thing, will just leave that to my husband.

RennyBA said...

What a lovel Blue post - well documented and with great exsamples - a very nice cat pic too. Thanks for sharing:-)

Gattina said...

Why does Felicia only write in nr ? Is she a relative to Einsteins cat ? Your color descriptions are not so correct, but that doesn't matter, I had to go to art school to learn them, lol !

I have to mutter ! Why didn't you put the CATS ON TUESDAY logo on the top, it would have been a great post for it !

tin-tin said...

blue as in blue jeans.. the versace perfume. hehe :)