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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Music 4 week 42


This week I’ll start with a CD I was recommended at The Rio de Janeiro International Airport some years ago as typical Brazilian Contemporary Music: Danca das Cabecas, by Egberto Gismonti.

Well, I did know samba and bossa nova, but brazilian contemporary music, what would that be like?

Well back home in Oslo, when opening the cover, I was very surprised: The Album was recorded November 1976, in Oslo, Norway. Brazilian Contemporary Music!

Of course, it was in tense expectancy I pulled the ”Play” button on my CD-player. First came some strange bird-like sounds, then came our Cats. Yes, our Cats. They behaved in a very strange way. Like in a Mating Play.

I come to think about this when we once again enteret our Winterhome with the Cats. I played this album again and the cats played again as well.

Did you know it’s a web-shop selling music for pets?


Second song this week do also have an unusual story. I didn’t think twice…

Back in 1964 I was in France for my very first time. That year might be special for Beer-lovers: Introduction of the Kronenbourg 1664 brand.

We could have 33 glasses of wine for 10 Francs in the local bar.

And in the bar I listened to Hugues Aufray, and this one became my favourite song ”N’y pense plus”. I bought the 45rpm EP and brought it home to Norway as Genuine French music.

How wrong could one take: It was Bob Dylan’s ”Don’t think twice”.


Early in the morning, when you are in a real hurry, listen to this one by Frederic Chopin:

The Minute Waltz


And when you’re out of house travelling by public transport or in your car with your spouse, best friend or childeren, tryt his one Side by Side.


Then you’re at work, or school or study, and you don’t feel like dancin’ , the Scissor Sisters may help a bit


In the afternoon or later, you feel SexyBack home, or?


First time ever abroad without parents, was in 1963. Took the ship from Oslo to Copenhagen. No cabin we had, the three lads, we slept in the saloon. Which was among teenagers, very common those days. We brought a tent and stayed at a camping just 12 minutes by streetcar from downtown Copenhagen.

My favourite place to og during the evening was Montmartre Jazzhouse. Who played there at that time: Dexter Gordon. Who song: Sarah Vaughan.

I in fact took the opportunity to interview them both – for my School Magazine.

When you go to bed ”Round Midnight”, think about Dexter ”TLD” Gorden, the only jazz musician nominated to an Oscar. And listen to the Sound Track from the Movie of the same name.

Have a wonderful time


Expat Traveler said...

very interesting mix of musical tastes and the background of all that music is so cool!

TorAa said...

ET, thank you- may be I should propose music to your wonderful photos? And you could ask your readers what music they associate with the pictures. Could be very interesting.