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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Palm Sunday - August 3 - 2008

On Saturday we bought Palms and Pottery. We knew the largest ones had to be replanted in bigger pots.

Then on Sunday we returned to Lowe's Nursery....

.... to buy draing and stabelizing "stones", soil and murch.

We had work to do, Mats and papa. Before we started to work.

Crushed bricks in the bottom

After soil comes rain - Papa is Watering

More soil and murch on top

Drainging holes had to be drilled

Yucca Cane Trees on the Assembly Line

Cleaning up the mess

Finnished - Group 1 - Bromeliad in the foreground (Only morning Sun), Yucca Cane Tree to the Right and the Majesty Palm in the background. The Palms need more Sun and are to be equally treated.

The Majesty Palm is higher than I can reach which is 2,4 meter - 8 feet.

Proud Father and Son. Well done work.

Simply Sinatra - The Consert here.


claudie said...

Marvellous result! Love your exotic plants in front of the wood house! Papa and Mat are very nice on the picture!

Fleur de Lisa said...

How beautiful! I see you are enjoying your new camera too. :)