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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Another Short report from Oslo, Norway – February-March 2011

Hei for en gangs skyld får du en kopi av min blog på engelsk. Jobb tar sin tid for øyeblikket;-)

March 2, 2011
The cold has lost it’s grip over Oslo. It means it’s just above freezing point downtown and some degrees under freezing point in the Hills, where just now the World Championships in Nordic Ski takes places. Result: Fog from about 250-550 meters (750-1650 feet) about Sea Level.
This Day Sweden, France and Canada won the Gold Medals. It was in fact the first  ever for Canada. Congrats. I was downtown with my Camera to take Photos.
OSL March 2011 - Woman in White 
Women in White - a Group
This were the only two before my Camera Battery went flat. Grrrr.
I might have told you I do have a temporary, slow Internet connection? And we also need to change TV-cable vendor?
Monday Feb 28 Sunset 0
Monday, Feb 28, I went to pick up the new equipment needed for the new connections. I took some Photos on my way to pick up the new “boxes”. As you can see, it was in the Afternoon.
But, I was disturbed by a “chopper”.
Empty Playground - Snow you know 
So, I looked at the Playground. Who plays basket outdoor these Days?
Playground - No Kids 
Not even the Small Kids have not played here for a while.
I suspect they are out Skiing or up in the Hills following the World Championships;-)
Chopper 2
Why is the Chopper still following me? Google? Who knows?

The change will take place on Monday March 7. I hope I can cope with all the Cables supported and mix boxes etc the correct way. I’m afraid I need a Day off from work;-) 
Marta og Monsen 
By the way, we had a short visit to our friends, who now has Felicia’s kitten. Marta and Monsen. They are really great. And seemed to recognize the both of us. They live in a very good home.
Thinking about travel 
We are planning our Summer Vacation….
Where will we land and who will visit?
More to come….

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Mandy Lou said...

Tusen takk for kommentaren om kattene. Artig å se bilde av de to kattene som spiser og i tillegg har bilder av seg selv hengende over spiseplassen. :)
Skikkelig lekre de kjolene med lys. Likte veldig godt at det var spor i snøen mellom dem.
Ha en flott dag! :)