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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rubens Urn Interment - October 22 - 2008
Oooops -noen bilder er hulterdebulder - linja er nå på trynet langsomt 7.1 kb . Steinalder

It was a beautiful Autumn early afternoon. The Sky was blue. Sun Shining. A little breeze from the South. The temperature in Oslo to be above normal this time of year.

Still colourful leafes on the trees and on the ground. Flowers around the Graves. At Nordre Gravlund (North Graveyard). Silence. Only some whispers from the wind touching the last leafes. Whispers to the ones that have found their last rest and for those that have no chance but one day also find the eternal rest.

A very special mood. Papa and Anna arrived 1 hour before. Needed some time in Peace. To remember. To reflect. To think. To observe. To respect a person that dedicated himself and his life to the ones that needed it the most.

Something Practical - you see the person to the left?
What did he bring?

The Urne - in a Cagde - What a feeling

We know, his friends miss Ruben at least as much as we do.

The Stone - My grandma was 34 when my Father Was Born - hmmm
Here is mama

In the following is some photos from the ceremony. It was heartbraking.

We can not still believe it

Ruben is #4 in the family Grave. Should have been # 9-12.

Papa and Niklas did bring the Urn into the Hole in the Ground.

Then, all the Family and friends shuffled some soil upon the Urn. That was very emotional.

Some plantes and flowers were placed upon.
Then silence and grief and tears.

Ruben we miss you.

Forever my First Son.
PS. Paps er utrolig trett og evig trist

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Maribeth said...

My Dearest, Know that you are not alone.
With love to you and your family, Maribeth