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Saturday, January 17, 2009


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My Question and effort:

Can WordPress calculate?

I'm not at all a math specialist.

I thought 2 + 77 = 79. Am I wrong?

I retried:

5 + 97 = 102

Wrong again.

Don't give up.

2 + 97= 99

Wrong again. Huuu?


10 + 47=57

Sorry wrong again

Heck, I do not give up:

4 + 67=71

Wrong again.


2 + 67= 69

All in vain.

Sorry Claudie.

I am not able to comment.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Torsday 13 - Thursday 13
Wellcome 2009 - recap of the 2008 (The Year of the Rat)

1 - Just before noon on 2008-01-o1: Rosa and Felicia wished us all a Happy New Year. Even those creatures outside.

2 - Does these serious men play or blog?
Clue: Mariestad and , a secret person in front

3 - we played some music which reminded the Cats of Spring. One of these Birds were catched;))

4 - April - Ruben reading a Poem to his Fathers BD.

5 - Only some weeks later... in the age of 40

6 - Mid Summer Rose

7 - Watering the Herbs.
(if you feel offended by our Mid Summer habits, please scroll down to the next photo as soon as you are able to).

Here it was supposed to be a Photo - but Google refuses me again, in spite of the fact I have must less than 1 GB stored.

8 - August 2 - it was a very special meeting

9 - Anna 3x20 with noble guests

10 - Rosa and Felicia are safe back in the Winter Home

11 A Warm Soup in November - hmmm

12 - Family Grave - at X-Mas Eve

13 - Lucky number? No, not at all when dealing with google. Do you really believe you receive objevtive answers when you do "google searches"? Think again.

Have a thougtful year