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Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter
and something you might not know about Norway

- we have a saying: Christmas lasts to Easter.
Today, the Winter returned to Norway:
Hence, this is our Easter play this Year. Starring Gattina, me and some of our best friends.

Don't send a lame Holiday eCard. Try JibJab Sendables!

That's all for now folks

Thursday, March 20, 2008

How some computer translation software kills a language in real life:

Why is Yellow the Colour of Easter in Norway?

(Computer translation from - very bad if you ask me - but it gives a tiny clue and a sensational laughter)

Yellow is Easter color. And so , know neither certainly , but color hasn't any along with religion to do. The church colors are violet until Good Friday and white after Easter Eve. So is it well merchandizers or the Agriculture cooperations that as has to be blamed for that we have hung us up in the Clour Yellow.
But that is not entire the true , facts rather. Notion at a good many am that gulfargen indicates breaking at a season as life for real reappears in nature. And facts be because of sun. That is a symbols at broth and the delight , and believable the cause at that yellow has been our påskefarge here at alp.
Egg yolk Gulfargen coined lot of existence they coming days. IN matveien add up to facts first and allegorize egg. «All kokekunst be derived from egg , say a old kulinarisk saying. Absolute in fitness , chock-full at nutrient – operational at all and along with ability at to adjourn and tykne , do stiff or aerial , bind liquid and afford it lekreste consistency. IN Easter buyer we egg in hopetall. Around 21 millions at them am dining we during the five påskedagene. It is the binary saw a good many as else in the year.
Daffs Flowers at Easter am above all daffs. And hook out in facts fri. Somewhat also yellow the tulip. We have heard at gartnerhold that 80 per cent at flowers as market at stores and hagesentre a prior Easter , am yellow. A bit clients shall have blaze colors , for choice white. For they are pinseliljene thing. A good many pinseliljer aromas loud and søtt , as opposed to daffs brisk aroma. Facts english appellation at daff am daffodil.
Appellation sense of hearing edged as if we citations a bad auto. NRKs constant market garden Tor Smaaland telling at one time that daff first called yellow februarlilje and trompetlilje. Daffodil or daff am by the way facts international symbol at håp for kreftsyke , and at blomsterspråket stand daff for respect.
Oranges Orange am Easter fertile and definitive a bit at celebration along with kriminallitteratur and tursjokolade. That is as we know oransje at color except , but fruktkjøttet and juice am yellow. We am dining binary saw a good many oranges in påskedagene as else in the year. That means that Caribbean and Ola Norwegian hulled her through tonn at them at home , at cabin or out in facts fri. Facts make up entire 16 millions enkeltappelsiner! At orange able they brew appelsinbrus. IN affinity along with consumption at oranges drink we also twice at it at Easter as else in the year. Mineralvannfabrikkene declare that in an gjennomsnittsmåned make up appelsinbrusen 11 per cent at brussalget. IN it month Easter am , am the quota at around 21 per cent. Facts do be about statistical come to dates back to litre appelsinbrus at apiece at us.
Easter IN påskemåneden consumes we plus drawback 20 millions litre ale , and the quota near beer demonstrate continued a boosting Easter aren't only arrowhead or lettølet you may picking along with you as you nevertheless is on the super’n to buy bread , yellow napkin along with Easter Morning and tomatsuppe in the position.
Food has some time ago introduced own påskesorter. We have bryggerienes mere words at that they covers big fragments at gamut at copious – in other words , any for a apiece aroma. At the same call attention to bryggeriene that this along with Easter no they have found at to fill gap between beat up - and sommerølet. Easter or – brew have we had more or less adjoining afterwards 1934 as brand first time became introduced here by land. Essay stayed a delight , but loud ale at pilsnertypen. Creation stayed believable Danish påskebrygg , afterwards bryggeriet Thor in Borders began to brew her Salvadorean ( saver ) in 1898. NTB )


hahaha, can't believe they seriously dare to present a tool like this. Here you find them, and have several good laughs whenever you need one.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Stompa is here
16/17 Mars 2008

Mieieew - I'm still in my dear cousins winterhome. Believe it or not: I do have a great time. Even gives papa a hug and Anna as well.
I think I will stay indoor this Easter. The "women" are so great to play with.
Here are some photos from Sunday:

If I want a place for myself - mieeow - here in the Kitchen

haha - I have occupied Rosa's favouritite Chaiselongue

Middag må selv katter ha - Dinner, even Cats need and love a good meal

See, they are crazy, but also funny cousins

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Stompa is here
Saturday March 15
Photos only from Saturday

Say hMieeioow to Solvi and Ingelin in Hong Kong

Friday, March 14, 2008

Stompa is here
Friday - March 14 - 2008

Today Stompa felt it was time to relaxe and begin the Easter Holydays this Friday.

This is his favourite Chair during a Cats must have relaxe periode - after breakfast and before dinner.

When it's close to Dinner, he moves to his second favourite chair - next to the food plates.

He also loves to have a quick cuddle (what the %&% - who's in the background with Dom in his hands?)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Stompa is here
Torsdag 13. mars 2008
Here he is with his Catch - with Felicia

Here is his favourite resting spot

But he also rests in the Kitchen - close to his food

And a quick strech is healthy

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

-- Wednesday March 11-12

Suddenly Stompa would be a Photo Star - but only for 4 seconds

But he came back; Rosa - he can not resist that beauty
More about Stompa